February 27, 2011


Title :Trapped Wings, Open Sky.. Still I Want to fly high
Author : Nisha Arppit
Publisher: Indra Publishing House (2011)

About The Book
An ardent stargazer, an egghead girl from a conservative North Indian family unlike her community girls doesn’t bind herself to the belief that education is synonymous with BA, parents are the unwritten rule and a husband is the God. She lives for her dream and fights to live it. She even lands the best deal (or so she thinks!) with a feeling that a good job in a so called esteemed giant MNC would solve all her problems and she would live happily ever after, only to realize that the real nightmare starts from day one. The newbie becomes poignant, strong and gawky all at same time with day to day life. So, she launches into her new life – swimming in sales figures, whimsical roommates and above all, her demanding boss for whom the only mantra for successful girl in the never-ending competitive corporate world is to keep her boss “happy” and everything else would follow instantly.
She almost loses her conscience in order to protect and preserve her strength in the rat race. She withers and rejuvenates every day as she battles with the urge to be the star performer, her only aim is to prove that she is not a dumb bumpkin. The constant grasp of myriad things continues where she feels that the life is teaching her a lesson in the form of practical euphemism. Shuffling between insecure love, the lady on the fire and in being a minion, she discovers herself in this phenomenal life. The battle with her destiny rages on. The tryst with her own swaying doomed luck takes her travelling down a path she never intended to venture.
Everything begins just as she calls it a day!
A bagpiper, suave and intimidating, comes with a thrust, the only one who can save them all, the one who can drastically change their lives, the one who is the messiah, but only if he chooses to. He could turn around the fate but this is not unconditional! It demands a price! Will he help her? Will he rescue the fateful company? Will he be her savior? Will she be tired and succumb to the never ending gruesome life or will she find permanent elixir?
All’s well that ends well, isn’t it?


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About The Author:   
Despite being a graduate in Science and Working at various designations in different organizations  Nisha Arppit always had seeds of Creativity sown in her soul. Calligraphy, Graphology, Article Writing, Jingle Writing, Lyrics Writing, Poem Composing, Recitation ... in creativity you name it and she’s done it. But when used the bow of words to shoot the arrows of her expressions this book finally happened ... not just by chance but by the virtue of her choice and faith in what she did.

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  1. Book is available on Rediff and Flipkart, for those who are interested to buy online.



  2. ‎"A book written well, with characters interesting enough to get quite a hang of, this debut novel by the author has got tremendous capability to make readers like it thoroughly."

    My review of 'Trapped Wings, Open Sky' on my blog 'Between The Lines':

    - Bastab Chakraborty