February 17, 2011

The Mysterious Dreams by Nandita Chakraborty Banerjji

Title : The Mysterious Dreams
Author : Nandita Chakraborty Banerjji
Published: 2010
: Pustak Mahal

About The Book 
A romance that was meant to be liberating. - one that breathed freedom, love, unabandoned sex and thrills. A romance that could free one from the shackles of peers, of society or even of destiny. It is a story of an Indian teenager, Shibani, brought up in an Indian manner in the most happening place of Bombay (now Mumbai) in the days of the sixties and seventies. She is tortured by a chain of mysterious dreams that devastate her. They are heart-wrenching and she is unable to share her plight with anyone – not even her mother or Chris.
It is a story of a hippie, Chris, rendered rootless by his own society and country who ambled into Indian spirituality and the taste of the Indian way of love and life in the land of Lord Shiva....and how drugs made them or wrecked them....
The eternal question  - why did Lord Shiva manage to get away with bhang while the hippies could not?
What happened when two people of different societies met and decided to make their fate together? What was the secret that changed Chris' life? What were the mysterious dreams that Shibani kept dreaming uncontrollably, devastating her being? Was she suffering the consequences of her own actions? A desperate need arises in live another life……another day................….

When John Lennon said, “Imagine there is no Religion” . . . he did not suggest, “There is no God”. He meant God is one. Religion is just a brand.

Toddle along the extraordinary paths travelled by hippies who, by tuning in to their inner vision, etched their marks into the collective vision of mankind in the 20th century. After millennia of war and strife entailing suffering of countless millions, have we risen above our petty differences and embraced peace, love, and freedom? Or is our recurring past still lingering in our memories? What is the mystery behind the recurring dreams and perpetual fear?

The book's finale is still hopeful of liberation. . . .

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About The Author: 
Nandita Chakraborty Banerjji, brought up and based in Mumbai, is an MSc in Microbiology. She discovered her penchant for writing in both English and Hindi while in school. Having seen the tough life as the wife of a Defence Officer, she set her two children, a daughter and a son, on the path to their dreams before following her own. While her daughter, a qualified lawyer, also acts in films and serials, her son is studying computer engineering. While working as a Manager in the corporate world handling technical documentation, instructional design, and copywriting for the various media, the thirst for writing something original and creative from the heart poured forth in the form of short stories and jokes, some of which have been published in various publications and magazines and also won a prize for creating a joke. A short story, ‘The Firangi Bride’ written by the author has been picked up for the Chicken Soup for the Indian Bride Soul publication. She loves to write about the peculiarities of the human ethos underlying people of all times, age, and place.

‘The Mysterious Dreams’ is her first novel. A book launch event for the book will take place during Feb or March 2011 most probably.  If you have read the book, then do share your thoughts on it through comments below. The book is available for purchase online at flipkart,etc  and at various bookstores in your city.
Happy reading.

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