February 21, 2011

A Love Story - A Novel By Varalotti Rengaswamy

Title : A Love Story - A Novel
Authors :Varalotti Rengaswamy
Published: May 2010
Publisher : Leadstart Publishing / Frog Books

About The Book 

This novel is about young love between a man and a woman that survives differences in upbringing, misunderstandings, and the test of time. The tale is also about a little-understood attachment between a father and his son. The author weaves a tale of love that finds expression in a sense of commitment and care... It is also about the triumph of idealism and good-over-negative forces much needed in today s jaded world, here is a love story that works at many levels.


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About The Author:
Varalotti Rengasamy (given name: Sridhar) is a practising chartered accountant whose passion and pastime is writing. He has published 14 books in his mother tongue, Tamil, including a biography of Barack Obama, three novels, two spiritual books,  motivational essays and collections of short stories. He has published more than 200 short stories and articles in leading English and Tamil magazines in India. He lives with his wife Indhu, and his parents in Madurai, a south Indian city famous for its temples.

If you have read this book, then do share your thoughts on it through comments below. The book is available for purchase online at flipkart,infbeam etc and other bookstores
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  1. I haven't read his book but have read many many articles and stories of his. And it is guaranteed that you will not come away disappointed reading this novel.

    To the evergreen writer Sridhar, my good wishes for all times to come.

  2. Thanks a lot, Shail for the kind words - sridhar

  3. The novel breaths life, with 'love' in its finest form filling the narrative. I read it, re-read it to find a freshness each time. As a writer, as a reviewer, as a literary-friend, I say - this novel is a must read, not for just die-hard romantics, but for all those who respect and love life....
    Great going Sridhar...

  4. Thanks a lot, Ambika. Coming from you, such a sweet, dear friend, a gifted poet and a talented writer, these remarks are so important that they will have a place of pride in my CV.

  5. Am half way through the book. It is pretty fascinating like all your stories are. :-) Shall write in detail once I am through.