February 19, 2011

Just Another Love Story by Anand Pethe & Deepti Ingle

Title : Just Another Love Story
Authors : Anand Pethe & Deepti Ingle
Published: June 2010
: Rainbow Publishers

About The Book 
The LOVE SCRIPT sets in the backyard of the UDCT campus. Anand, a happy go lucky engineering student in one of the prestigious institutes falls in love with his gorgeous and beautiful junior Anita. His best friend Balkrishna helps him and works as a catalyst for the reaction between Anand and Anita. As love prospers between them, it takes them to the highest point of love- Cloud No 9. They have the best time together until one day when........ 
destiny decides to take their entrance exam.
Love is just like a roller costar ride which takes you to the highest point and drops you down at the lowest. Something similar happened with Anand and Anita.

Will they survive this love set back? Will they find their true love back? will the readers finish this book smiling and sobbing? Find for yourself all the answers in this LOVE journey of an 'Engineer'. A Sweet love story which will engage you for sure.......


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About The Author: 
Anand is a avid reader and movie buff. He is an alumnus of UDCT (now ICT) Mumbai, where he completed his B. Tech. (2005) & M. Tech. (2009) in chemical Technology. He has for some time worked in Corporate Sector, Chemical Firm, but his real passion lies in entertainment Industry. He has completed theater acting course as well as an extensive course in screenplay writing and direction. He currently lives in two cities simultaneously, Mumbai -which is his ‘Karma Bhumi’ and Kolhapur- which is his ‘Janma Bhumi’.  He is an Entrepreneur specifically, Co-Founder and Director of PETHE CLASSES (Mumbai Branch), He considers himself as Educationist, Novelist and Film maker. Apart from writing and teaching, the author has a keen interest in Screenplay writing, Direction and Acting. 

This book recently went into reprint. If you have read this book, then do share your thoughts on it through comments below. The book is available for purchase online at flipkart,infbeam etc  and at various bookstores in your city like Crossword, Landmark etc.
Happy reading.

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