February 05, 2011

The Bracelet by Ishaan Lalit

The Bracelet by Ishaan Lalit

Publisher : APK Publishers

About the Book
The Bracelet is set in modern day India. It is about people who lead normal lives on the surface, but also have a secret double life. They belong to sects called Tantriks and Artharakshaks. Both these sects are on a quest to find a mysterious bracelet which has the supernatural powers. The story moves back and forth between the dream world and the real one. The pace is breathless and exciting, right up to the finish.

What is the secret of the bracelet? Why is everybody after it? And who will get it, the Tantrics or the Arthrakshaks?

Abhay, an extra ordinary college-boy, is thrust into a world of secrets, lies, deceit, and supernatural entities. He finds out that he is an integrl part of a war that he must win to save himself and his family from destruction. Will he be able to do it?

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About The Author
Ishaan Lalit is a multifaceted and creative writer in his late twenties, is a gemologist, a pilot and an adventurer. Born and brought up in Faridabad, Ishaan lives there with his family and three dogs. He has traveled to various countries and loves learning about various cultures. He has been writing ever since he was a young boy.

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The Bracelet is available for purchase on,DialABook, and other bookstores in your city.

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