February 16, 2011

Love was Never Mine by Kunal Bhardwaj

Title : Love Was never Mine
Author : Kunal Bharadwaj
Publisher : Pustak Mahal (2011)

About The Book
"It's said that if you want something wholeheartedly, the universe conspires to bring it to you."

Rahul, a fresh graduate with simple dreams and an uncluttered outlook towards life, falls in love with a confident, sassy, helpful, sweet yet materialistic girl, Shreya, who shares the workspace with him. For Shreya, looks are a priority and everything else comes later. For Rahul, looks are secondary, what matters is the soul of a person.

With his boy-next-door looks, he does not stand a chance with Shreya and he knows that. But he is still confident he would be able to win her love, because he firmly believes in himself and the universe. This book follows Rahul's sacrificial and emotional voyage to win Shreya's love. Will Shreya ever realise the enormous amount of unconditional love blossoming inside Rahul? Will love eventually find its destiny?

Sometimes, the universe may not pay heed to your desires, sometimes, it just may.

Set in the backdrop of a corporate set-up, the story swiftly explores different human emotions such as love, pain, loneliness, betrayal, friendship, etc., somewhere buried deep within all of us.

If you ever fell in Love, this book is for you all; dedicated to the purest thing in the world called "Love".


On The Web
Book will be launched on 16-Feb-2011 in Bangalore

About The Author 
Kunal is a strategic research and consulting professional currently working with Genpact Analytics as Assistant Manager. In the last 4 years, he has been associated with firms such as Evalueserve and MarketsandMarkets within research and sales functions.

Unlike other authors he started writing quite late when he felt an urgency to give words to his unexpressed emotions through stories. He aims to be an entrepreneur in future, and he was one of the finalists for this year's "Economic Times Power of Ideas" contest. 

He loves singing, long drives, and regular hanging around with friends. He can be reached at "" as well as you can find him on Facebook, and Linkedin.

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The book is available for purchase online at flipkart,etc  and at various bookstores in your city.
Happy reading.

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