February 07, 2011

HICKORY DICKORY SHOCK! The Tale of Techies by Sundip Gorai

Hickory Dickory Shock by Sundip Gorai
Publisher : Rupa & Co.

About The Book
A high octane thriller that weaves seemingly unrelated genres – Indian IT Industry, a chirpy Bollywood style romance, a chase of cryptic clues woven around Indian heritage monuments, espionage, mystery (seven subgenres of mystery fiction interwoven in this tale), and a takeover battle to control a giant corporation (A mad cap satire cum thriller, loosely inspired by the world’s biggest technology scam ).The propelling force of the book is a convoluted high octane ‘DA VINCI CODE STYLE’ cipher trail chase, woven around India’s facts and fiction (Connaught Place, Kamasutra, Indus Valley, Vedic Math, Bhagavad Gita and more).

The Hero: Tuten Chatterjee(210) – named so as he is born at 2:10 AM, a mathematical whiz-kid with an uncanny knack for finding patterns, chances upon a webchat between two mysterious web-chatters – HICKORY and DICKORY, and learns about the deep conspiracy brewing inside SHIVAN Computers. Things take a murky turn when a software innovator is murdered in a packed auditorium by an invisible killer, an unseen assassin kills a software visionary in a locked room, and a mysterious masked man sabotages a server room and vanishes with LoRD – a cutting-edge wonder software invention from India. The trouble heightens when formidable tycoon Raja, Chairman of SHIVAN Computers, hatches a billion dollar accounting fraud by manipulating the accounting books of LoRD.
The turn of events throws SHIVAN Computers onto a course of destruction. 210, Geetika (aka Geeks - 210’s romantic interest, a lady blessed with a razor-sharp brain), fellow techies, and Gurpreet (210’s mom – an ex-Kabaddi champ with a penchance for unintentional wisecracks) are now inadvertently sucked in a race against time to save LoRD and the livelihood of thousands of techies. They are left with a handful of bizarre clues – balance sheets, bizarre CD ROMs, a strange flute, Red Fort, Newton, Hawa Mahal, Vedic Math, Lord Ganesha, Indus Valley scripts, and more, but then, they have six hours before all goes topsy-turvy.

Will the techies succeed in stopping the villains, or will SHIVAN Computers fade in the hoary mists of time? 

A rollercoaster that twists and turns at a breathtaking pace and as the curtain drops inside a baffling maze the mystery unfolds to a shocking climax.

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About The Author
Sundip Gorai is a BTech from IIT, and an MBA from IMT with fifteen years of experience in Business Intelligence and Analytics. He is the Practice head of Business Intelligence and Analytic at a leading Indian software company. In his earlier stint, he led Oracle Financial Services analytics business in Latin America and the Caribbean. He has traveled across more than thirty countries and advised global organisations on information strategy. His area of interest includes recreational mathematics, whodunit, Howdunits, surf guitar legends, Bollywood potboilers, quantitative Risk models, submarine rides, and spirituality. He currently stays in Atlanta, USA.
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