December 31, 2012


We recently interviewed published author Shubham Choudhary.

Short Bio :

Shubham Choudhary is a Final year student of MNIT Jaipur, pursuing a B.Tech degree in Electronics and Communication. Being an active blogger, he has written over a hundred articles, stories and poems. His works mainly include humour based on daily life. Besides writing, he likes travelling and reading biographies and fiction. He also has a deep interest in music and has taken training in the field of Radio Jockeying as well. He is actively involved in the start-up TalEx India. He has written for many websites, noticeable among them being, Youthdiaries. in,, News That Matters Not and TheWittyShit. Com.

So, here goes : 

Q: Tell us something about your debut novel.
A: My EX Fell In Love, is a story of every guy who has ever been in a confused state. It describes the life of three friends pursuing engineering, the fun they have and the problems they face. It is a humorous story of a guy “Yatharth” who breaks up with a girl to concentrate in his research work, just to find out that she is now in a relationship with someone else. The story revolves around his research work and the funny things that happen in the course.

Q: How did this book happen and why did you choose to write it?
A: The book isn't a thought that occurred to me in a single day, neither is it my own life story which most people confuse it to be. I have been blogging for quite some time now and just when I felt that I could make people laugh with my writing, I thought of converting that into a book. The reason I chose this story was because most youngsters can easily relate to it and people who like funny stories, would like to read it.

Q: When did you take up writing?
A: That’s a little difficult to answer. I always loved to write. I used to write Facebook statuses and jokes that I created myself. After that I started writing wits for a website “” and soon I started my own blog “ABugInMyMind” in July 2011.
Without any efforts of mine to publicize or promote, a few posts of the blog became quite viral and were appreciated by many. I started working on “My EX Fell In Love” sometime around that and here it is.

Q: Where do you usually write? What is your favourite setting to write in?
A: On my study table which I never used to study, on my bed when half of the world is asleep, in my class confronting a boring lecture, etc. etc. There is no specific time or place for ideas to come. But I do like either of these two conditions. 1. On my bed with laptop in front of my eyes and music in the background. And 2. On my table with umm… the same conditions, except that I am sitting this time.

Q: Did this story come to you easily or did you find yourself stuck with a writer’s block sometimes?
A: Every story starts with an idea or a real life incident. Mine started with a funny title (My EX Fell In Love). Just the title came to my mind out of the blues and it made me laugh. I made the story and the characters after that. But yes, once you’re in the middle of writing a freaking 200 pages, you do get stuck and it isn’t a bad thing. How you tackle that shows how serious you are for the whole thing.

Q: Does this story have anything to do with your personal life? Or is it a story of someone close to you?
A: No. Some instances at some points might be inspired by things happening around me. But in no way possible this is my story. Neither is any character a replica of me or any friend of mine.

Q: Tell us about your life online and the sites you maintain.
A: Sometimes, to mess with me, people tell me I am popular, while I like to refer that as active. And by ‘that’ I mean I am active on almost every online portal.
My blog:
My Facebook Profile:
My Twitter Profile:

Q: What are your thoughts on life – The one thing that it takes to live it?
A: Live in a way that you don’t have regrets afterwards. Be confident with what you do. Have fun.
One thing? I think it just takes a smile to live life to the fullest.

Q: How has been your experience so far in the literary world? Any highs or lows being a part of this space that you would like to share here?
A: Experience is great. Though I would like to say this, writing is a noble profession and you write to express things that you want to tell the world and to record your ideas in form of words. Unfortunately, people don’t leave a chance in making this a 3rd grade business as well. There is a difference in being a writer and being a businessman, and sadly in our country, you have to be the latter to become the former.
When I wrote the book, making it a bestseller was not there in my mind. All I wanted was to have that feeling of seeing my name on the book cover and to see my parents’ reaction when they saw the book. With that thought, no highs or lows have affected me yet.

Q: Tell us something about your work & hobbies?
A: I am a 22 year old undergraduate. Right now I am in final year of Electronics and Communication Engineering in MNIT, Jaipur. I have my own start-up TalEx India and a live online retail store And I have been placed in Oracle Financial Softwares as well.
I like watching Football, dancing, writing (Duh!), I watch TV all the time and I am kind of an unheard Radio Jockey too. :P

Q: So how did it feel when you finally finished writing the book?
A: Happy. Ecstatic. Light. Freer. Amazed. And a little surprised!

Q: Top 3 All-time favourite books.
A: In no preferential order.
·         Wings of Fire by A.P.J Abdul Kalam
·         P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern
·         Memories of Midnight by Sydney Sheldon.

      We would like to thank Author Shubham for this interview. Best wishes from Team Book Readers Lounge.