February 09, 2011

The Long Road by Dr. Vivek Banerjee

The Long Road by Dr. Vivek Banerjee
Journey is the Destination...
Published by Pustak Mahal

About The Book
The Long Road is Vivek Banerjee's d├ębut novel. It is an insiders look at making of doctors. The highs and lows of the life of resident doctors has been described in great detail. Regardless of his/her background, every reader will identify with the set of characters and their lives.

This is the story of young doctors as they pursue post graduation in medical college and then make their way into the real world. In the tumult of everyday life, personal aspirations and professional goals get mired. Rahul and Sarika are in love right from their bachelor degree days but they keep fighting till a potentially fatal accident decides it for them. Hina, an impoverished woman from the by lanes of Bhiwandi, finds the lifestyle of her co-students more difficult to adjust to than the academic challenges. Ranjiv, a rich kid turned rebel who would travel his own path rather than the one laid by his famous doctor dad. Sagarika, who finds her American dream shattered unexpectedly. “The Long Road” explores the vulnerabilities of growing up of young doctors and the rigours of their studies. This tale handles with sensitivity the challenges of young doctors in the profession to the demands of a new India where old paradigms are fast crumbling. It also talks about the interpersonal relationships of Doctors and hospital romance. The pressures of medical profession and its impact on the personal life of Doctors are explored in the later part of the novel. 


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About The Author
A pediatrician by profession, Vivek Banerjee lives in Saharanpur with his parents, obstetrician wife and two children. The pressures of his profession leave him with little leisure but he still finds time for his varied interests. An avid traveller, he has covered the length and breadth of the country in real life and the rest of the world in his imagination. A voracious reader, music lover, self-confessed geek and an amateur ornithologist, he would rather walk the road less travelled, given the time and opportunity. A Bengali by birth, he has grown up in various towns of North India and studied in many different schools and colleges. He started writing on Rediff blogs where he is known as Ben and went on to write this novel. He has also authored many short stories as a preparation for writing this novel.

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  1. A light n interesting read;if not better,almost as good as any of chetan bhagat's completely adheres to current trend of campus books but elaborates n extends further to life's challenges thereafter.
    happy reading guys.

  2. The book is going in for a second edition within a couple of months of its release. Thanks to all readers for the patronage and encouragement.

  3. An interesting review!

  4. Another interesting take on the book.

  5. The hungry reader reviews the book.

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    Ben for bengali is it? We know you. Your mail address I had but that is not working. Can you send me your mail address. I am trying your web site also.

    Asis Goswami

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