February 27, 2011


Title :Delayed Monsoon
Author : Chitralekha Paul
Publisher: Cedar Books - Pustak Mahal (2011)

About The Book
After a prolonged dry spell, dark clouds loom over the horizon. The rain drops hit the parched earth with a vengeance…..the aroma of soaked mud fills the air. A sense of rejuvenation spreads around, as new life springs out, transforming the barren landscape into a thriving oasis. Abhilasha, the mother of a grown up girl felt the same when she finally meets the love she had longed for. A union in the most unusual of circumstances and in the most unusual of places –the internet. Abhilasha was caught in a dilemma whether to listen to her mind or to follow the beats of her heart.
       But this conflict served as an impetus which pushed her to a new height. Going through an emotional roller-coaster, finally she reached a stage where her passion turned into compassion, the most powerful form of love, where all conflicts appear trivial, finding their way into a harmonious homogeneity. In this new scenario none of her loved ones was left behind. A strong conviction bonded and inspired everyone to undertake life’s journey where the rough edges were smoothened by the healing touch of love.    
        A story woven around the life of an Air Force officer’s wife with a glimpse into what goes on behind the closed gates, guarded by vigilant men in uniform. An insight into the life of Abhilasha and her dilemmas, the seemingly ordinary incidents but  which are interwoven into a complex puzzle that she must solve.


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About The Author:
Chitralekha is the wife of  an ex-Air Force officer. She has done her post graduation in Philosophy and LLB  from Calcutta University. She also  has a B Ed degree and  taught in various schools before taking up legal profession. A member of the  Supreme Court Bar Association, she is practising in Delhi. Undergoing training on mediation, conducted by Delhi High Court, she is also working as a court appointed mediator. She is honest in her thinking and stands by her conviction

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  1. Hello Book Reader's Lounge I am really grateful tor your selfless service. I wish to thank Hitesh and his team for taking so much effort.

  2. Book is available at Om Bookshop, Delhi, Crossword, Mumbai & Delhi, Wordsworth (Janakpuri district centre,Delhi,,, unicorn books, etc

  3. Written Beautifully, very apt for the internet age! :) What the protagonist is going through in the story is very realistic!