February 27, 2011


Title :         The Silent Monument
Author :     Shobha Nihalani
Publisher: Tara Press (2010)

About The Book 

In a sealed chamber of Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world, a five-hundred-year old secret is discovered by an investigative reporter.
Manzil Saxena’s life is about to change dramatically. Her husband, a reporter, is found dead, leaving her an ancient scroll that will turn her from housewife to hunted.
The scroll reveals a historical anomaly hidden for centuries, a secret that could cause violent chaos amongst the extreme religious sects in India.
A secret that could fuel the tension between Hindus and Muslims, and split a nation.
Torn by the decision she has to make, reveal the truth or not, Manzil faces a struggle for survival, as the hunt for the scroll commences.
Mahesh Bhakti, crazed archaeologist and the mole in the Indian Institute of Archaeology.
Bad-tempered Anwar, hired killer with murder on his mind.
Kanyadevi, famous Bharat Natyam dancer with a haunting past, and member of the non-governmental organization Onyx, dedicated to averting religious violence.
Yadav, the police inspector investigating the death of the reporter, discovers a deeper mystery.
Deva, the leader of a Hindu fundamentalist group, wants the world to know the truth.
They all have one thing in common – finding the scroll.

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About The Author:  
Shobha Nihalani is a freelance writer based in Hong Kong. She has been writing for over a decade for leading newspapers and magazines. Her feature-length articles cover topics in accountancy, finance, engineering, merchandising, manufacturing, technology, tourism, health and many more. She also works as a copywriter and company biographer on a project basis.

Shobha is on the committee of the Hong Kong Women in Publishing Society and the Hong Kong Writers' Circle. She is actively involved in supporting and encouraging the local writing community. 

Born in Goa, Shobha has lived in culturally diverse cities such as Kano, Bangalore, Singapore, Mumbai and Antwerp. She now resides in Hong Kong with her family.


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