July 30, 2011

KMKL Free Book Giveaway

Our free book giveaway has expired.
Answer a simple question and you stand a chance to win a book.

Identify the cover image of the BOOK below and let us know its name & its author. 

begins July 30, Saturday at 2.00 pm 
ends on Aug 3 , Wednesday 2.00 pm

Send in your entries to along with your Name and 'KMKL Book Giveaway'' as subject. 

We are giving two clues to help you find the answer.

CLUE NO. 1   - This book was featured by our blog in the month of June

CLUE NO. 2   - We are reproducing a line from the book's synopsis here

Three teenagers enter the glamorous medical world, become best friends. Why suddenly chaos stroke their lives when they tried to explore the life, love and destiny and finally a bomb blast screws them completely.

AnswerPlz Kiss Me or Kill Me by Mihir Raj

Winner will be declared shortly

PS - Winner of this giveaway will declared by author himself by means of a lucky draw in case of multiple correct entries

Winners are Sonakshi Srivastava & Pranav Dixit

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