July 14, 2011


Title : In The Name of Luuuv (ITNOL)
Author : Chandra Mehendrou
Publisher: Tinkan Publications (June 2011)

About The Book:
A compilation of 5 short stories inspired by real people’s experience of meeting their ‘Soul-mates’. Not a regular romantic novel, it’s about different people from distinctive cultures, settings and modes of thoughts who shared their magically profound experiences. They may have been heartbroken or may not have achieved the kind of gratification they wanted initially but never lost their faith and that made them achieved a never ending feeling of contentment and ebullience. Almost anybody can relate with the characters and feel connected with them. The USP of the book is that all the stories have unexpected twists and turns, making it thought provoking read. It engages the readers because it’s gripping, inspiring and can make anybody create the possibility of meeting their own soul-mates. All the stories can transform anybody who relates to them.

The names of 5 stories are:
1) Thoughts of Maya
2) True Love at First CLICK!
3) Tale of Love and Deceit
4) Together Forever
5) I create Love!

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About The Author:
Chandra Mehendrou (also known as Tina) was born in Nepal. She got the best of both worlds (culturally) and traveled quite a lot in her childhood.  Being an all-rounder in school she has won many awards in Singing, Debates, Painting and Sports. She loves traveling, reading books and spending most of her time watching documentaries. She did her graduation and a course in Media communication.
Currently she is working with India’s Biggest Social gaming company. Two years back she started compiling her fiction writing material.

Read on as to how this book happened
Chandra Mehendrou, met a distinguished looking old man at a 24/7 convenience store 2 years ago, who shared his experience of how he met his ‘Soul mate’ and requested her to let the world know by writing about it. Moved by his experience, she promised to indite the esoteric profound emotions he was living through and that led to compilation of ‘In the name of Luuuv’. Excessive amount of disbelief in Love and repeated painful heartbreaks dealt by close acquaintances, created a need in her to encapsulate some enchanting experiences into a book. Initially, her idea was to write one novel en-wrapping one story however, God was extremely kind and made her bump into some amazing people who shared their experiences with her. So, she composed not just one, but 5 different stories.

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