July 30, 2011


Title :If I Pretend.. I am Sorry! Will you Pretend and Forgive me?
Author : Prashant Sharma
Publisher: Srishti Publications (2011)
About The Book (Blurb): 
I was sitting in a room with four of the most dangerous men in Mumbai. All four had a gun in their hands. I has a single malt in mine. And I was the one who was going to dictate the terms.”
Rajvir Singh

“That day, I understood the importance of money. That day, I got a new reason to live. That day, I knew what I had to do in life and for what. I had to kill, and I had to kill for money.”
Ranvijay Singh

I felt relieved, I felt scared, I felt guilty. I had finally made the deal. I had paid for my first murder.”
Viraj Singh
This is a story of three men.

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About The Author:
Prashant currently resides in Delhi and has been working for the last two years. He likes movies & cricket and tries to make the best of every moment. This is his second book after “Love Life & A Beer Can!” hit the stands in 2010 and becoming a national bestseller shortly afterwards. Y
ou can reach him at 
He has been an alumnus of Delhi College of Engineering-2007 and IIM Lucknow-2009

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