July 27, 2011

DMCP Free Book Giveaway

Our free book giveaway has now expired.
Answer a simple question and you stand a chance to win a book.


Name the BOOK (& its AUTHOR) in whose SYNOPSIS the following line appears.

A story woven around the life of an Air Force officer's wife with a glimpse into what goes on behind the closed gates, guarded by vigilant men in uniform.

We are giving you 2 clues to make sure  you get the answer correct.
Stay Tuned

CLUE NO. 1(we reveal another line from the synopsis to make it easier for you to answer)

Abhilasha was caught in a dilemma whether to listen to her mind or to follow the beats of her heart.But this conflict served as an impetus which pushed her to a new height
CLUE NO. 2The book has been published by Cedar Books (Pustak Mahal)
Send in your answers to with your Name and 'DMCP Free book giveaway' as Subject till 30 July, 4 pm.

There will be 2 winners to this giveaway. They will be chosen via lucky draw.

All the Best!!

ANSWER : Delayed Monsoon by Chitra Paul
Details of the book -

Winners are - Abhik Chattopadhyay and Roshmi sinha

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