July 21, 2011


Here is an interview with Astha Suneja, the author of novel - Owe You My Fate
It was a good experience interviewing her. Here goes: 
-- Tell us something about your debut novel Owe You My Fate
            Owe You My Fate is a romantic / motivation fiction. It is for all those who believe that life is a chess board and your thoughts are the players. It is for all those who do feel that life is about friendship, dreams, feelings, fate and miracles. Owe You May Fate shall make you feel that a feeling called love is something that is a realization more that just Friday fun, dates and hang outs. It is about how life changes as and when your desires change. It is a story that shows life is more about learning and living your heart.

-- How did this book happen and why did you choose to write about it
            The book is just a flow of thoughts. I once sat down and thought what would be a life if I was the creator. How would I shape an ideal life so full of emotions, learning, fun and relationships?  Several thoughts followed and this created something that is Owe You My Fate.. As a writer I have learnt that you do not choose to write. When there are gushes of feelings within, writing becomes a choice

-- Tell us something about yourself
            I am a perfect Leo..Rains fascinate me the most on this earth. Subway makes my favourite meal and Sikkim my favorite destination.  I live life cheerfully and love to try newer things.  I am a bit too impractical in thoughts as I feel that makes life less doubtful. I speak my dreams very often as I think about them very often. I love creativity, be it in any form. I feel fortunate to have some of the greatest friends in my life. Given a chance, I would live all life travelling.

-- You have won heart talk poetry competition organized by Oxford Bookstores, so can we expect a poetry book from you or you would stick to full length novels. What is the most difficult part of writing for you?
            Yes, I had never before tried my hands on poetry. Now, it has becomes one of my likings. It makes me very happy to tell that the next novel will be a blend of fiction and some of the beautiful poetry.  This experience has made me feel that poetry make you speak your heart with ease. When you craft your feelings with the beauty of words, it becomes poetry.

Sharing one of those from my next novel:

I have so many dreams unlived
Millions of moments yet to be cherished
Several moments that I want to spend with you
Looking into your eyes as we touch the dew
I know my dreams won’t come true
As I will leave you in a week or two
My heart cries as I fear
Your days passing with tear
When I am not along with you
Just remember I will still miss you....

 --Tell us about your life online and the sites you maintain
            Social Media has become an integral part of present day life. The entire world shrinks into the virtual mirror of Facebook/twitter and others and we are all a part of the same.
 I am a regular blogger:
My website:

 --What are your thoughts on life – The one thing that it takes to live it?
            Life is the most beautiful thing that happens on this earth. Life is like a joy ride. The more it twists, the more fun it brings. A life with more experiences, fun, laughter, failures, friends, love and feelings makes a perfect package.  The more you experience, the more you earn. I feel fortunate to live each day when it brings me different shades.
I feel that my life is random. This randomness excites me and it’s the best flavour of my life.

 --How has been your experience so far in the literary world? Any highs or lows being a part of this space that you would like to share here?
            It has been the biggest learning of my life.  Going through rejections, criticism, acceptance and appreciation is the best journey that one can think of. It has been a ladder to self improvement. I am sure there is much more to come and I shall hunt for every pearl within the shell of my life.

-- Tell us something about your work & hobbies?
            I have worked as a marketing executive with TCS. Presently, I work as an enterprise analyst. I have worked as a software developer. I like my work and enjoy doing the same. Apart from the professional grounds, I like to design clothes, buildings and interiors. I love to design greeting cards. I would definitely take these up in near future.

---So how did it feel when you finally finished writing the book?
It’s a great feeling to see that the passion that was an embryo has turned into a life now. Reviews and appreciation of people who admire your work is the striving force. My inspirations and aspirations, both are infinite and a success of this book had made me feel that I can do even better.
Thanks to all the readers who have shown interest in my work.

-- Top 3 All-time favourite books.
The Secret
Many masters many lives
The Kite Runner

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