July 27, 2011


Dear, I Hate You Slogan contest has expired.

Title : Dear, I Hate You
Author : Nitya Prakash
Publisher: Power Publishers 

About The Book: 
Unlike any other story, it begins with an end. The protagonist of the story has met with a severe accident and is dying under the sun, on a street of Delhi.
Few people are trying to rush him to a nearby hospital but he is slowly losing his grip on his breaths. In the last hours of his life someone asks him a question and with that question he enters into a series of flashbacks from his past life.
He remembers his first day at his school, his father’s death, his best friends, his first crush in his school and how he meets her after many years, his gold medal and the time in University, the unfortunate death of the girl who loved him, his life in Banking Academy and his meeting with the man he aspires to be like and the arrival of another girl for whom he was ready to do anything.
Is true love an obsession? Can someone live with the guilt of killing someone? Will he survive? Who is he? What brought him here? Was it an accident or something else?

“Dear, I hate you!” is about love, hatred, sex and the transition one undergoes when no one is around.


Write a slogan beginning with the words - "Dear, I Hate You...."

Send in your slogans to with your Name and Subject as ' Slogan Writing Contest'   

A maximum of 5 slogans per person are allowed.

Three best entries would be chosen by the author himself and winners would be declared.

Contest begins - July 27, Wednesday - 4 pm
Contest ends -  Aug 3, Wednesday - 4 pm

We have 3 autographed copies of the novel "Dear, I Hate You" written by Nitya Prakash for this contest.

This contest has expired. Winners will be announced shortly. 

PS- One of these three copies will be personally signed by Ms Julia Roberts. S0 do not miss this chance to win one.

Winners :
1. Mohammed Zuheb - Dear, I hate u for leaving a footprint in my heart forever

2. Abhilash Mammila - Dear, I hate you, and I  always knew looking back on the tears would make me laugh, but I never knew looking back on the laughs would make me cry.

3. Abhideep Bhattacharjee - Dear, I Hate You because I can't stop loving you

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