September 14, 2011


We had hosted a competition on Book Readers Lounge recently. Here are the details of the competition - link.
We thank our judges - Shreya Chatterjee & Nisha Arppit for going through 54 entries and deciding the final 5.

1. Vivek Banerjee
As the sunlight faded in the cold and foggy December evening, most of the working girls
hurried home.
Some had families to go back to while others went back to their respective working women
hostels or PG accommodations.
However, for the girl with sad eyes, excessive make-up and cheap perfume, the day was just

2. Dev Kumar
Smriti was smiling as she entered the staff room. “The children responded very positively,”
she told her fellow teachers, “they are all horrified with how we kill the unborn girl child.”
Her colleagues smiled too. When she returned home her husband told her the result of the
ultrasound test. She wept for her unborn daughter.

3. Dev Kumar
Sunday 6 a.m. He loved checking the letters column in the newspaper first thing in the
morning. He smiled when he opened the paper today. His letter emphasising the need for
honesty, morals and values among the youth had been published. 7 a.m. He tiptoed to the
neighbour’s front door and placed the newspaper back.

4. Pooja Sharma Rao
On a hilly road,down a steep slope,she held my hand tight always.My mom's touch made me
feel safe and loved.
Decades later my daughter grabs my mom's hand,tells her to look left and right and cross
I look at them and rejoice,my past and future walking hand in hand.

5. Aparna Santhanam
Tonight again, I dreamed of cabbage! Motibai, the gypsy dream reader says it is
symbolic of infidelity and lovelessness.Rahul and I’ve been married hardly three
months. The ink hasn’t dried on our certificate, but the dream recurs every night.
I turn my head as Suresh cuddles me in sleep! It’s all because of the cabbage!

Above 4 people have each won a copy of 'Musings of a Wanderer' by Shreya Chatterjee. Pls write to us at to claim your gift.

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  1. Thanks for the prize. I have a copy of the book but loved being among the winners. Incidentally, I have used this begining for a full length short story for an anthology based on the '5 evils' which is under process. Some very talented young authors and one middle aged not so talented writer ( me ) are part of this project.