September 02, 2011


BIT free book giveaway is now live
Answer a simple question and you stand a chance to win a book.

Identify the Name & Author of the BOOK whose cover image is given below. 

begins Sep 3, Saturday at 12.00 am
ends on Sep 6, Tuesday at 11.00 pm

Send in your answer to along with your Full Name and BIT Giveaway as subject

We are giving three clues to help you find the answer.

CLUE NO. 1   - The Name of this book consists of 3 words & the first word is The

CLUE NO. 2   - This Indian fiction book has been published by Rupa Publications and it was released on Sep 1, 2011

CLUE NO. 3 -  We are reproducing a line from the synopsis below

Arranged marriages are complicated things. So are mothers. And so are relationships. Kasturi Shukla is a fresh MBA graduate with a great job in hand. She is also geeky and single at twenty-four. The biggest sore spot in Kasturi’s life is her dominating, arranged marriage obsessed mother now hell-bent on getting her married at the earliest

PS - Winner of this giveaway will declared by the author by means of a lucky draw in case of multiple correct entries

Answer - The Ineligible Bachelors by Ruchita Misra

Winners - Shreya Chatterjee & Kalyan Panja

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