August 05, 2011



Title : Musings Of A Wanderer 
Author : Shreya Chatterjee 
Publisher : Power Publishers ( Jan 2011) 
Genre : Poetry

About The Book :

MUSINGS OF A WANDERER speaks volumes about the simplest of things that quietly becomes a part of our life. It speaks of failing and triumphs. The poet speaks of expressions of living moments and of those that are perhaps never to see the light of the day. You will find monsoon peeping, you will find, romance lingering and as a sense of determination that ebbs inside a young mind. Think of a blogger, who lives with the belief, life is nothing but a meandering river or a path. Here you get to meet and forget people, you get to run through darkness and regal in the glory of refreshing sun rays. She speaks of life you are able to see unfolding in front of you. She speaks of your life and of all the others, around you.



Participate in our Flash Fiction Contest and you stand a chance to win yourself a copy of a wonderful poetry book – Musings Of A Wanderer by Shreya Chatterjee

Write a flash fiction story or piece of exactly 55 words
We accept only original and unpublished stories. Please do not plagiarize as we have strong filters in place.

Send it to us via email at with Subject Flash Fiction Contest.

Upto 3 entries allowed per person

Know more about 55 Flash Fiction here -

There is no specific topic for this contest, as we don't wish to limit your creativity and this contest is open to Indian Residents only.


Begins on 6 August , Saturday

Ends on 31 August, Wednesday

There will be 5 winners for this competition, each of who will receive an autographed copy of this poetry book and their entry would be published on this blog. 

The chief guests and judges for this contest are - published author Nisha Arppit & published poetess Shreya Chatterjee.


Nisha Arppit is a published author, blogger & poet. 
Her debut novel- Trapped Wings, Open Sky was  published by Indra Publishing House in April 2011. Read more about her book at -
You may join the facebook page of her book here
She writes poetry, her thoughts on life and more on her blog -

She is also a member of Bookaholic Surat Group.


Shreya Chatterjee is a writer by profession and poet at will. In spite of handling two professions that leave her little time for leisure, she manages to read books, write reviews and manage two blogs.

Her blogs are:

1.  (this is blog is under maintenance)

She has been writing poems and articles for various magazines like “Raison d'être“, “Bonhik”, “Kindle Magazine” and few others.

She frequently writes in Poetry forums like Jingle Poetry, One Shot Poetry. She was featured recently on

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