September 13, 2011


FRIENDSHIP DAY SPECIAL - a poetry & prose competition was held on our facebook group - Writers & Poets. The duration for the competition was 7 days beginning Aug 2, 2011 and ending on 9 Aug. 
An event was created specifically for this competition on facebook and it was organized by Siddharth Paldhikar (admin of the group)

We received 15 entries in all for the competition. Our judge Shreya Chatterjee chose two winning entries - one poem & one short story.

All participants of this competition heartily thank her for assuming the role of a Judge inspite of being so busy with work and giving her precious time to this competition.

Here is a brief BIO of Shreya Chatterjee
Shreya Chatterjee is a writer by profession and poet at will. In spite of handling two professions that leave her little time for leisure, she manages to read books, write reviews and manage two blogs.

Her blogs are:
She has been writing poems and articles for various magazines like “Raison d'ĂȘtre“, “Bonhik”, “Kindle Magazine” and few others.
She frequently writes in Poetry forums like Jingle Poetry, One Shot Poetry. She was featured recently on
Her debut novel of poems – “Musings of a Wanderer” was recently published by Power Publishers.
It is collection of poems that speaks about the simple pleasures of life.
Know more about her book at
We have one copy of the following book as a prize for our poetry winner.

 Title : The Journey of Rock
Author : Avishekh Das
About The Book:
Having failed to woo his lady love, crack all India exams and realize his only dream of becoming a rock singer, Samarth Dasgupta starts believing that he’s a loser, until he joins a nerdy engineering college. What happens in the aftermath?

How does Jerry help him? Can Armaan, with his uncanny ability to sniff out dangers save him? Who’s the mysterious blue-eyed Sardar? How do dreams and instincts affect their lives? Is it better to burn out than to fade away?

Join him as he travels from one part of the country to another in search of love, hope and passion.
'The Journey Of Rock' is Avishekh Das's debut novel which was released on the 17th of May 2010 by Srishti Publishers and Distributors

The Winner for the best poetry is Sammya Brata and winner for best short story is Arun Sabtharishi

Winning poem
Topic - Friendship

The curve that can heal your anguish,
The barefoot trudges,
And the unscripted frolic,
Calls for a nameless land!!
Walking on the edge-
Or Crying it out-
When the daily dose tastes turns acrid,
When your grip alleviates,
When your feet refuse to assist,
When you wish to move out of sorts-
You crave for the heavenly curve
YES----the curve can do WONDERS!
The curve that can blend into you...
The curve that can bring the world together-
The curve of FRIENDSHIP!

Winning Short Story
Topic - Friendship
Title - SONA

The alarm didn’t seem to affect my heavy sleep. The AC was set high and I had buried the whole
of myself into the blanket. It always felt good to sleep inside the blanket even when it is a hot
summer outside. I never had any intention of getting up and was sleeping like a log.

Suddenly I felt something wet on my face. I could feel someone had removed my blanket and
kissing on my cheek. I could not open my eyes which had still at least two hours of sleep lodged.
The kisses continued and paused for a moment. My blanket was removed completely which
means I have to at least move or open my eyes and see who it was.

I knew who it would be. Sona, my best friend for the past six years… We were together right
from the moment we first met.

Many of my friends were jealous on me for the fact that how cute Sona was. I was proud to have such a beautiful friend. She used to wake me up very early in the mornings and disturb my sleep after she gets readied.

Without opening my eyes, I touched her hair and caressed her head. She knew that I won’t wake up and kissed my face again. I felt disturbed and irritated and pushed her off. She stopped the kissing and got separated from me.

I knew she would get angry with me and it would take some time to console her and I tried to
wake up and called her name aloud… “Sona…”

She gave no reply and walked off, showing her back.

With a tired and sleepy face, I yawned more than twice. When I tried to go back to sleep again, my cell phone beeped. It was an SMS from Neetu.

Being my girlfriend for more than a year, she fought with me more than loving me. She was very possessive about me and especially she didn’t like me talking and spending time with Sona. Unlike Neetu, Sona was very affectionate, friendly and likes me a lot. She never fought with me. She even leaves or forgets her boy friend to be with and spend time with me, if I was around.

‘You forgot to wish me at 12. Come to Diva for lunch. P.S: If you remember that you love me’
was that SMS.

I totally forgot that it was Neetu’s birthday. I need to go for the lunch with her to pacify.

I checked the time. Oops… It was already quarter to noon. I rushed to brush my teeth and get ready. I was searching for the towel here and there. Sona brought it for me, and she turned back to walk away as soon as I got it since she didn’t want to talk to me for pushing her off the bed.

I didn’t mind.

All that was running through my thoughts were what gift should I get for Neetu, how should I
make her happy and how would I make her day unforgettable. I took the newest shirt I had and the best pair of jeans that would match the shirt.

I ran to the hall and Sona looked at me and gestured that I looked good. But, from her eyes I
could find that still she was having a peck of anger on me and I had to pacify her too. I knew
how to make Sona smile and it was the easiest thing in the world.

I raced my car as fast I could to Neetu’s place. As expected, Neetu was standing outside the gate of her apartment and I picked her up.

‘Thank God! I was on time.’ I said to myself.

Neetu got into the car and smiled at me. With a white color urban gown on, she looked perfect
and angelic. I winked at her and she came forward to kiss me as I closed my eyes.

For a few seconds more than anticipated, I didn’t feel the kiss.

“What the hell?” I heard Neetu shouting.

‘Oops, she started again’ my mind started crying and I opened my eyes.

“Why did you bring her today? Its my birthday and I want to spend some quality time with
you… privately…” Neetu said pointing at Sona who was sitting in the back seat.

“So what? She is my friend… It is a special occasion for her too. She would definitely feel happy to see us happy.”

“You must know that every girl is possessive on her man. I am not exceptional. I don’t like your friend being with you always. At least not the time when I am with you…”

I looked at Sona’s face which turned cold and she put her head down. I couldn’t construe
whether she was crying but I was stubborn in taking her along with us.

Even after the heavy opposition from Neetu, I wanted Sona with us and we went to the most
popular restaurant in the city for lunch. With her head down and a sad face, Sona came along
with us.

As we were about to enter the restaurant, the watchman looked at us in a different way and tried to stop us entering inside.

“What?” I asked with a puzzled look.

“Sir, pets are not allowed inside the restaurant.” He said looking at Sona.

Without knowing that I am going to leave her back in the car alone and going to enjoy Neetu’s
birthday, my friend Sona looked at me blissfully with her tongue out and shaking her tail.

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