August 28, 2011


Title : Stilettos in the Newsroom
Author : Rashmi Kumar
Publisher: Rupa Publications

About The Book: 
Stilettos in the Newsroom is the story of 28-year-old Radhika Kanetkar. From the boulevards of Pune in Western Ghats as a Sub-Editor of an English newspaper, the story meanders through the byzantine lanes of journalism as she takes her baby steps into the world of news, and takes her on to Lutyens’ Delhi. From a Sub-Editor to Features Editor, it is a journey of triumph, anguish, jealousy and of course breaking news but it is also a story that sees Radhika Kanetkar finding her true love Sameer. 

No one forced her to pick up this profession; she did it on her own. But then she didn’t want to be one of the many bylines, not just one of the many faces. It is the story of this 28-year-old bubbly young girl, with glam and glitter thrown in.

From the time she meet her first editor – Satya Sidharth Sarkar or Triple S of The New Press – to Chandrika Reddy aka Amma, a pregnant blob of mass with sullen look, Radhika, the Sub-Editor, gets a taste of news or is it the “NOSE FOR NEWS”!

The fictionalised account draws a lot from real life experiences, thrown in with anecdotes and the struggles that usually a young journalist has to endure before she actually gets her BYLINE – written in a youthful and energetic language. It is neither a saga about the journey-through-newspapers of the sorts nor is it bitter in nature. It is simply journalism, the way it is, through the eyes of a fun-loving young woman reporter. 

About The Author:
Rashmi Kumar was born in Pune in a Maharashtrian family, attended Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University and graduated in English Literature. She later pursued a degree in journalism. Her first book Stilettos in the Newsroom, published by Rupa and Co demystifies the happenings inside in newsroom and presents a candid account of the seven years, she has spent in journalism, working with various newspapers.

Before becoming a writer, Rashmi (among other things) also worked with an NGO. Now, other than being a full-time journalist, she also spends her time doing a weekly show on the radio and spends most of her Saturdays volunteering at an NGO for the mentally distressed and suicidal. When she is not pursuing these two passions, she takes off to pursue her other calling in life – to travel

Rashmi started her career in journalism in 2002 and currently works with Business India. 


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