August 30, 2011


Title : I am Papa..  In the game of Life, you've no choice but to play...
Author : Pranav Bhattacharya
Publisher: Expression Publications  (Oct 2010)
Genre: Thriller Fiction

About The Book:
Sometimes, life presents you with a problem so huge, that you are forced to ask : "Where do I start?"

Prof. Arya came back home to enjoy a quiet, retired life. One fine day, his son disappeared, without a trace. All he left behind was a note addressed to Papa. What would you do if this happened to you?
- Would you know where and how to start looking for him?
- Would you be scared stiff and just freeze?
- Would you stick to the notions of morality, legality and political correctness?
Every situation needs a Hero, and every adverse circumstance gives birth to one. Who said that a retired Professor can't be a Hero?!

Join the protagonist of Pranav Bhattacharya's debut novel as he embarks on a heart-throbbing and perplexing journey, armed with nothing but his quiet determination and unfailing sense of humor.

Look at the title & front cover of this book, Guess the plot line and win this book

“The publisher and author went through a lot of titles, before they settled on “I am Papa”. 
The idea of this atypical title was to intrigue the potential reader.

We would like to know your first thoughts on seeing the title and the cover page.

1)      What did you think the plot line would revolve around?
2)      Did you think that it would be a tragedy, comedy or suspense story?
3)      Any other instant reactions/thoughts?

The contest is open to all those who have or have not read the book. We are interested in knowing your first thoughts on seeing the title and the cover page of the book.

Write in not more than 10 lines.  The best entries get a free copy of the book. 
Judge - Author : Pranav Bhattacharya
Send in your entries to 
Contest Begins - Aug 30  at 3 pm
Ends - Sep 4 at 11 pm

1. Pooja Sharma Rao
her entry - The title evokes an instant connect,because we all are kids no matter how old or young and some of us parents too.How being a parent- I am mom or I am Papa,becomes the axis on which our lives revolve.I am papa must be about how a dad's identity as a father gets threatened or questioned,or to what extremes a father goes to provide for and must be abot the quest and the upheavals of the father who cannot even afford a moment of weakness for the sake of his child.

2. Debarata Paul
The title “I Am Papa” seems to be old school type and leads me to think that it is a story of a Dad who tells us about how he feels and thinks when his child is in trouble, meaning a story of fatherhood. But the subtitle caught my eye which reads “In the game of Life, you've no choice but to play...”,conveys that it should be a suspense or thriller.  The photo of the old man on the cover may depict a dad’s worries for his children which comes from enormous love and care or it may symbolize experience. The plot should be serious and revolve around a dad’s tale who under adverse circumstances struggles for the sake of his child, though he is quite old for struggling. The hero underneath his commoner skin comes out and he is able to win his war(!).

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