August 05, 2011


Title : Plz.. Kiss me or Kill me.. if you are in love, you need medicine
Author : Mihir Raj
Publisher: Srishti Publishers  (2011)

Book Blurb:

Raj:  I saw Rahul intimate with Mohit.
        What will happen to Shivani?
Charu:  Raj, you are junior to me... my brain suggests me to turn down your proposal but heart says 
“Give it a try”
   Are you ready for Trial Love?
Robin:  She is the lady of my life, I must propose her.
Is proposing a professor safe?
Ankita:  This baby in my womb is a life time punishment for my husband.
“What? Are you pregnant?”
Rahul:  Only misfortune of such caliber can turn a medico into a terrorist.
“What? Kiss me or kill me was the password of this operation?”

Three teenagers enter the glamorous medical world, become best friends. Why suddenly chaos stroke their lives when they tried to explore the life, love and destiny and finally a bomb blast screws them completely.
Be a part of their journey called……
                                                              “Plz..kiss me or kill me
Answer a simple question to win yourself a copy of Pls. Kiss me or Kill me written by Mihir Raj.
Question - Name the Medical college, the Author and his friends studied at?

Send in you Full Name & Answer to
Contest Begins - Aug 5 12.01 am
Contest Ends - Aug 8 11.59 pm
To find out the answer, read the excerpt below-


It was probably the worst day of my life. Shivani was lying in ICU in a coma and now Rahul too had got

admitted to the hospital. He was among those badly injured in the Sarojini Nagar bomb blast which had

completely shaken Delhi.

We, the final year students of medicine, were given duty in our hospital to not only attend to the casualties but also learn how to deal with medical emergencies. I was already half out of my mind due to Shivani as she was on life support. How could Robin and I bear to see our sister in such a grim condition? Our eyes were red shot and dry. Dry because we hadn’t had proper sleep for consecutive nights and secondly because our lacrimal glands which secretes tear had temporarily stopped functioning.

I was totally startled to see Rahul’s parents in such a pathetic condition standing

at the hospital gate. Robin and I had rushed to them fearing the worst.

“Raj.. Somebody called us on your uncle’s mobile and informed that Rahul has been severely injured in the Sarojini Nagar bomb blast and is being brought here.”

“Whaat? Rahul… he did not tell us that he was going Sarojini Nagar,” Robin said. “Aunty we had lunch

together today and when he was leaving he didn’t say he was going to Sarojini Nagar,” I said

“It is your good luck that he didn’t tell you, at least you people are safe, my sons…” aunty said between sobs.

Soon many ambulances started to arrive. The injured persons were being taken to the hospital wards. Seeing Rahul‘s unconscious body being placed on a stretcher we just lost our senses. His parents ran towards the stretcher but we stood rooted to the spot unable to believe that it was Rahul with whom we had lunch just four hours back, being carried on a stretcher. Shivani’s Rahul ….who too was struggling between life and death since the last two days. Suddenly we started running alongside his stretcher and rushed him to the emergency ward.

Medical profession is not an easy one as you come across suffering and pain everyday till it becomes part your life. But now we were not just medicos but a friend and a brother. Robin and I were being governed by the same feeling. After a few hours when the doctor said Rahul was responding to treatment Robin soothed Rahul’s parents to calm down. We requested them to go back home and take rest as we were there to take care of Rahul.

But aunty refused to leave Rahul’s side. Somehow Robin arranged a sofa for her in Rahul’s ward. Utterly

exhausted Robin and I sat down in a sofa in the main hall. Really , the whole thing was something which I had never imagined in my wildest dream…. that two love birds would one day be struggling for life at the same time in the same hospital with some same common faces!!

Love is a wonderful feeling as it gives you many beautiful moments worth living but the path through which it moves is not easy. Many past memories started flashing in my mind and started tormenting me. I suddenly went down memory where I saw myself, Robin, Rahul, Shivani, Charulata, Ankita Madam and our days in medical college “DIMS”. My memory started craving all those beautiful moments of Love and its magic but sometimes its result is really not within our reach. We love without bothering about the misery later.
Correct Answer is DIMS


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