June 05, 2011


Author : Saurbh Katyal
Publisher: Gyaana Books  (2010)
Genre: Detective Fiction
About the book:
When Detective Vishal Bajaj receives a call from his old flame, Aditi, on a Sunday afternoon, he is staggered by the resurgence of buried emotions. Aditi married Sunil three years ago. Now, Sunil's elder brother, Anil, has been found murdered at their farmhouse, and the first person Aditi turns to for help is Vishal. Vishal sets out to solve the mystery with his hopeless but faithful sidekick, Pranay; and Inspector Babu, a pompous and limelight-loving policeman, for company. A delightful page-turner, Katyal’s novel will keep you riveted and grinning till the end.

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About The Author:
Saurbh Katyal lives in Bangalore. He has a hectic job that keeps him busy most of the time. He writes in airports, in cabs and on weekends. This is first novel although he has already published some fiction and non-fiction in e-zines and magazines. He has also published articles on real estate trends, marketing, etc. He won an international story-writing competition hosted by an American fiction e-zine.

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