June 13, 2011


Title : The September Revelation
Author : Kaniza Garari
Publisher: Frog Books (Dec 2010)

About The Book:

Caught in a trap, she agreed with their proposition to meet prospective grooms but hit straight into her past. Kutubuddin Kagazwala turned out to be her lover’s best friend. Frightened, she took shield in another prospect, Ibrahim Merchant to later learn that he was Kutub’s first cousin.

Cornered, she works desperately towards hiding her disgraceful past and save the honour of her family. Does she succeed in her attempts?

To find out, read The September Revelation which unfolds a heart wrenching saga of a young girl who grapples with her past to look forward to a clean future! 

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About The Author:
Kaniza Yusuf Garari, worked as a journalist for 12 years. In this span of time, she was associated with The Asian Age, Bombay Times and Hyderabad Times of The Times of India group.

During her tenure as a field reporter, she registered the human emotions which were normally not of interest to the newspapers. This memory of the intricate details of Mumbai and its bar codes for localities and people represent a mindset which has been subtly represented in the book.

She came across situations where she found honest responses were often rebuked. Society as a whole could live easily with deceit rather than confront the truth and accept it.

In this story, the protagonist, Zainab’s relations with her boyfriend are a cause of concern. But she has hidden this truth from her family. As the pressure to marry mounts on her, she is once again face-to-face with her past.

The so-called openness of the society to deal with such issues is brought out in the book. Once again, the need to not reveal is prevalent. And when it is revealed? What happens? Do read and find out and you can e-mail your responses to

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