June 04, 2011


Title : Plz.. Kiss me or Kill me.. if you are in love, you need medicine
Author : Mihir Raj
Publisher: Srishti Publishers  (2011)

Book Blurb:

Raj:  I saw Rahul intimate with Mohit.
        What will happen to Shivani?
Charu:  Raj, you are junior to me... my brain suggests me to turn down your proposal but heart says 
“Give it a try”
   Are you ready for Trial Love?
Robin:  She is the lady of my life, I must propose her.
Is proposing a professor safe?
Ankita:  This baby in my womb is a life time punishment for my husband.
“What? Are you pregnant?”
Rahul:  Only misfortune of such caliber can turn a medico into a terrorist.
“What? Kiss me or kill me was the password of this operation?”

Three teenagers enter the glamorous medical world, become best friends. Why suddenly chaos stroke their lives when they tried to explore the life, love and destiny and finally a bomb blast screws them completely.
Be a part of their journey called……
                                                              “Plz..kiss me or kill me

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About The Author:
Mihir Raj is a medico who developed a great passion for writing by virtue of an introspective phase in his life, when he realized this innate quality. 
Medicine is his profession but writing is other side of his persona.

He is a final year medical student, pursuing his degree from Russia

He is a star blogger at Jagranjunction of Dainik Jagran and one of the winners of Blog star contest held by Dainik Jagran a leading newspaper.

He dreams to build hospitals in far flung areas, where health facilities still do not exist and where the mortality rate is alarming simply because people do not get even basic health care.

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  1. thank you hitesh for featuring "plz..kiss me or kill me".:)

  2. The plot is quite interesting :) :) Nice one Mihir :)

    By the way I happened to come here from SSMA facebook :) A student here :) Nice book :)


  3. Thank you Tanvi.. i hope you are doing well in Smolensk.

  4. mihir.its really nice...i like ur novel very much....its so romantic and interesting