June 06, 2011


"Can  a common man give "Whatever it takes",  when life suddenly demands it from him?"


Title : I am Papa..  In the game of Life, you've no choice but to play...
Author : Pranav Bhattacharya
Publisher: Expression Publications  (Oct 2010)
Genre: Thriller Fiction

About The Book:
Sometimes, life presents you with a problem so huge, that you are forced to ask : "Where do I start?"

Prof. Arya came back home to enjoy a quiet, retired life. One fine day, his son disappeared, without a trace. All he left behind was a note addressed to Papa. What would you do if this happened to you?
- Would you know where and how to start looking for him?
- Would you be scared stiff and just freeze?
- Would you stick to the notions of morality, legality and political correctness?
Every situation needs a Hero, and every adverse circumstance gives birth to one. Who said that a retired Professor can't be a Hero?!

Join the protagonist of Pranav Bhattacharya's debut novel as he embarks on a heart-throbbing and perplexing journey, armed with nothing but his quiet determination and unfailing sense of humor.

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About The Author:
Pranav Bhattacharya is a Writer at heart, an Engineer by training and a banker by profession.
He has  spent 1o years in the US, where he went to a business school at University of Texas in Dallas for an MBA. He has worked for some major financial institutions, in various capacities, before he decided to come back to India and become a part of her success story.
He now works for a financial services provider in Pune.

His biggest accomplishment in life is his debut novel - I am a Papa.

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