May 26, 2011


Title : The Most Eligible Bachelor
Author : Satyapal Chandra
Publisher: Mahaveer Publishers  (2011)

About The Book:
Why do most love stories end with great difficulty?  Why do we always claim that he or she cheated in love and caused indelible pain? Is love the name of mutual relationship between two souls or it just intense desire for physical intimacy? Why does the first love invariable mean sacrifice which is against social and Nature’s law? Why don’t people get selfless love in return to their selfless love for one? Why don’t people again embark on the journey of love after getting cheated once?

This is an inspiring story of a Self-made entrepreneur, who reaches the heights of success after confronting adversity at every step on the journey through  recession, unemployment and religious discrimination. A journey through which he loses everything including his love, his best friend and his only mentor and motivator. But do these kill his spirit or his aim in life? Read this story to find answer to this and many others questions.

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About The Author: 
Satyapal Chandra (born 1987) is a student of university of Delhi but brought up in Bihar. He had an excellent academic background and won many accolades and awards for academic performance and extra-curricular activities. Apart being an avid reader, he is fond of music, traveling and social service. Currently he resides in Delhi and is preparing for UPSC.

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