March 06, 2011


Title :Corporate Atyaachaar... The Comical Journey Of An Office Doormat
Author : Abhay Nagarajan
Srishti Publishers (2010)

About The Book

How would you classify an experience of working under a dominating, obnoxious boss who has no confidence in your intellectual abilities equating it to that of his small five year old nephew? Interesting? ...Challenging?...Uncomfortable?...Unavoidable?

is the comical journey of a subservient, twenty four year old financial advisor, freshly recruited from campus as he assists his boss in managing the investment requirements for a set of high net worth clients in Bangalore through the initial stock market euphoria of 2007 and the subsequent turbulence caused by the market crash of 2008.

As an advisor, the subordinate encounters many 'non-financial' experiences including a dancing dog which suffers from a memory loss, a revelation that a client enjoys hot body massages, a client who paints nude art for charity, a curious case of a 'stubborn' nipple and a house hunt for a missing musical mobile!

Will work frustration make the subordinate step up and challenge his boss? Will he get a good appraisal?


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About The Author:
I did my schooling in Mumbai & Bangalore. I did my graduation from SRCC and followed that up with a Masters degree in finance (MFC) from University of Delhi. I worked as a financial advisor for a little over two years. Besides working or writing, I enjoy reading up on cricket statistics- my first love since class five. Corporate Atyaachaar is my debut novel.

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