March 27, 2011

FAQs - Book Reading Challenge 2011

Here we have compiled a list of questions that you might have about the reading challenge. Readers who don’t have their blog or don’t know what a reading challenge is, may find it beneficial to read the following FAQs . 

What is a Reading Challenge?
It’s a challenge to read as many books as it is possible for you on a particular theme for a fixed time limit. 

What is the aim of a Reading Challenge?
While aims may differ, In My Bookshelves (IMB) and Book Readers Lounge (BRL) are organizing this contest in order to promote reading among people - especially reading books of a genre they might not be generally reading. 

What books are eligible for the Reading Challenge 2011?
Our theme for this year is INDIA.
So with this in mind, the following types of books are eligible for this challenge:
1) Books by Indian authors (or Indian origin authors); or
2) Books about India (this includes books that focus on Indian history, culture, people etc.) (For eg. Vikram Seth’s ‘A Suitable Boy’);  
3) Books with Indian (or Indian origin) lead character. (For eg. The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri);
4) Books set primarily in India. (For eg. Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts) 

Do I need a blog to participate?
No, you do not!  Everyone is encouraged to participate.

Do we have to write reviews of what we read for the challenge?
This is not a requirement, though we’d love to read your thoughts on the books if you do right reviews on them.  

How do I participate?
You can sign up here., I have put up a post instructing people on how to sign up for the challenge. 

What dates does the challenge run?
April 1, 2011 - May 31, 2011

What are the levels or the number of books to be read?
Beginner - 1 book
Novice - 3 books
Apprentice - 5 books
Adept - 7 books
Master - 10 books (or more)


  1. Have posted a link to this on the "A Novel Challenge" blog.

  2. Can't see a reply to the last query, that dates back to a month and a half ago. So I reiterate -

    Does anyone win?

  3. same ques.

    does anyone win? how?

  4. Angel , Aradhya
    Wait for a few days. An announcement in this regard shall be made.