February 06, 2012

Chance to get published with FABLERY.COM

If you are a short story writer who is looking for an opportunity to get published,  then we present to you a chance to get published in a compilation of short stories by in association with Mahaveer Publishers.

About Fablery:
Fablery provides aspiring writers with an opportunity to get published and reach out to the bigger audience.
Fablery would conduct a series of contests on different genres, throughout the year, giving writers a chance to get published or win various prizes. However, the underlying idea is not just rewarding writers but creating a platform where writers could meet, showcase their talents and help one another by providing constructive feedback and encouragement.
Fablery endeavors to contribute a little to the literary world by bringing out the best out of every writer who participates here.

Visit the Website -
Facebook Page - link here
Twitter Handle - link here
Facebook Profile (Admin) -  Click here to add as a friend
Email -
Forum - Join to interact with aspiring writers - link

About the Process:
A series of 10 contests would be conducted during 10 months of 2012 (January to October) which would invite short stories across 10 different genres from candidates.
The genre for January was Fantasy/Mythology and the due date of submission of short stories under this genre is 20-Feb-2012.
Genre for February is Romance and submission deadline is 10-March-2012.
Similarly, there will a different genre each month till October which will be announced on the first day of that month through Fablery's Facebook page, Twitter handle & Website. Do like their Facebook page in order to stay updated.

Restriction on Submission:
One can submit only one entry per genre for this contest. Since there are 10 genres, the participant can submit up to 10 entries during the year.

Eligibility criteria:
Any person aged 16 years or more is eligible to participate. However, if your entry is short listed then you must be legally allowed to enter into a contract according to Indian Laws.

Submission Guidelines:
Fablery is inviting original & unpublished short stories in English Language between 5000-7500 words. 
Here is the link to the page for submitting your entry along with the terms & conditions - link
The website contains further Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for aspiring writers to go through, here is the link to the same -
It is also advised to go through the relevant terms and conditions before submitting your story.

Entry Fee:
There is no fees for participation in this contest. 

Announcement of results:
Participants with valid email addresses will receive an email notification if they are short listed apart from being notified through social media updates & website announcement.

If you have any complaints, suggestions or further queries then visit the Contact form and send in your feedback -

PS - We are not officially associated with Fablery. This post has been put up for the benefit of budding writers on Book Readers Lounge

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