February 22, 2012


Title: The Cavansite Conspiracy
Author: Manjiri Prabhu
Publisher: Rupa & Co. (2011)
About The Book:
The theft of the precious mineral stone, the cavansite, from The Crystal Museum of Minerals has left everyone puzzled, more so because the modus operandi of the theft has uncanny similarities with an international bestseller, The Cavansite Conspiracy by Chris Carver. While the police and the curator of the museum are on the hunt, a spiritual group in Bangkok too is interested in acquiring it by any means.

Meanwhile, Koyal Karnik, a communications lecturer working in Hamburg, Germany, arrives in Pune to attend her friend Jasraj’s wedding. Little does she know that she will not only be implicated in the theft of the cavansite, but that her friend will be murdered, and she will be forced to become a fugitive on the run. The only person she can trust is her ex-boyfriend Neel, with whom she takes off on a journey of mystery and love from India to Hamburg, then to the Isle of Sylt and finally, a London television studio. But can she really trust anybody? And what is the connection between Jasraj and the cavansite? What is Jasraj’s fiancĂ©e hiding? Finally, who is Chris Carver and what is his role in the mystery?

Romantic, fast-paced and thrilling, The Cavansite Conspiracy spans countries and continents to culminate in a nail-biting finish.

About The Author:
Manjiri Prabhu is a television professional, writer and filmmaker from Pune. She has written several books, notable among which are A Symphony of Hearts, Silver in the Mist, Roles : Reel and Real, The Cosmic Clues and The Astral Alibi. One of her unpublished novels has been adapted into a Hindi film titled Kuchh Dil Ne Kaha. 

Watch the novel teaser below and answer two simple questions and you might just walk away with the copy of this book.

Click on this link to view teaser - link


Click on the video below

Here are three questions from the teaser. Answer any two to be eligible to win a copy of this amazing thriller

1) Which musical instruments are shown in the Teaser?
2) Which shots does the Teaser begin with and end with?
3) From Mulshi, which place does Koyal go to?

Send in your answers to with Your Full Name, Address with Pin Code and Contact Number

Contest begins Feb 22 and ends on Feb 27 at 2pm.

All the best

1) Flute and guitar
2) Blood shots or blood splatter or blood spots
3) Hamburg

  1. Kaladhar Battepati
  2. Antara Jha

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