April 04, 2011


Title : Hackers Beware : A Guide to Protect Your PC
Author : Navneet Mehra
Publisher: Macmillan Publishers India (2011)

About The Book:
Growth of Internet over the last decade has brought with it increase in the number of cases of exploits and break-in system security for home as well as for corporate users. Be it the million dollar loss for companies or some minor loss for a home user, hacking at last, wins the game in most cases. Hackers Beware will help you to protect and secure your system before the hacker breaks into it. To win the game you have to know the rules of the game first. In the same way, for the game of hacking, you need to know the hackers tactics to be on a safer side at the end. Answering the question ‘If you do not break into your system then who will?’ affirms the fact that it is then the Hackers paradise. The point emphasized in this book is that there is no way to fully protect a network unless one knows the 'offender'-- in this case the hacker. It is a must-read for any computer user who values the data in his computer system. The book covers Practical Case studies carried on the clients of Russia, Vietnam and Serbia. With useful resources and step-by-step instructions on various hacking techniques, this book contains
up-to-date information, covering the following topics:
• Spoofing and Sniffing
• Dos-Attacks
• Cryptography
• Virus and trojans
• Administration and web server hacking
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About The Author:
Navneet Mehra is a young computer professional with definitive experience in the field of Computer and Internet Security. He has authored Exploring Computer Fundamentals & MS Office. Navneet has worked on various projects as a freelancer and has a Fan Group on social networking site Facebook -- with more than 18000 fans from around the world -- where he regularly updates on the incidents related to hacking and other technology developments.

A member of our community has written this book, learn a great deal on securing yourself from viruses & other online threats through this book.
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