April 17, 2011


Title : All and Nothing
Author : Raksha Bharadia
Publisher: Rupa & Co.  (2010)

About The Book:
Tina, a talented artist, is desperately in love with the successful careerist Aditya. But he cannot let go of his past… their marriage sours and Tina teeters on the edge.

Through her we meet the others. Kriya is a fashion designer, chic and successful with a sordid secret. Poorvi is a rich man's wife, a feminist, yet deeply troubled by having mothered just daughters. Upasna is a willing victim of domestic violence. Manas is a struggling copy writer, besotted with Gayathri – but plagued.

Each beneath the façade of harmony walks a tightrope as their sense of self disintegrates a little each day.

Then Tina summons her friends…

Speak, my friends. Tell it from the beginning. And listen.
All and Nothing journeys with the five of them where they are and can be what they want ‘Nothing’ or ‘All’…

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About The Author:
Raksha Bharadia is the author of Me: A Handbook for Life (Rupa & Co) and Roots and Wings: A Handbook for Parents (Rupa & Co). Raksha has co-authored Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul series (Jack Canfield and Mark Victor) for Westland. Four titles have already been released; Indian Soul, Indian Teenage Soul, Indian Armed Forces and Indian Romantic Soul. She is also working on further titles for the Chicken Soup series and has just finished her first work of fiction, which will hit the bookstands soon. She has contributed features for Times of India, Femina, Gurlz and Life Positive.
Always one to follow her dreams and passions, she has recently rekindled her romance with the world of rhythm and is currently reinventing herself as a Kathak danseuse. Raksha has taught at the school for the visually challenged, in Andh Kanya Gruh. She currently teaches English in a street school run by NGO Manv Sadhna in Ram-Raheem ka Tekra. She lives in Ahmedabad. 

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