April 02, 2011


Title : Flight of the Hilsa
Author : Amit Shankar
Publisher: Vitasta Publishing (2010)

About The Book:
Flight of the Hilsa, explores and demystifies the definition of happiness while tracing the story of the protagonist, Avantika Sengupta. As a creative soul; restless and opinionated, life to her has been unkind, even in her chosen career—painting. A chanced encounter with a boat owner, some twenty years her senior, changes everything. With a new found ‘success mantra’ and the ‘boat guy ‘ by her side—as her man, mentor and guide, she starts striding towards her long-cherished notion of happiness-of being a rich and famous painter. But will the Hilsa discover her true calling and happiness? Will her journey yield the expected result? Will she be able to find Captain? Will she again claim her lost life? The powerful yet lucid narrative goes on to answer many such questions.

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About The Author:
It is the choices that we make in our lives and the roads that we chose not to tread define our existence. So when Amit Shankar, a creative director by profession, harbored his deep desire to reach out to millions through the medium of the pen, he fittingly chose writing as a career to define his being.
As a Creative Director, he is respected and known for leveraging his creative panache backed by strategic thinking. No wonder, he bagged some of the biggest advertising awards including Abby Award, Promotion Marketing Awards of Asia Awards (PMAA) and Brand Equity Awards. During his tenure with some of the world’s biggest advertising agencies like Publicis, Mccann and Dentsu, he has spearheaded the communication for global brands like Nestle, UNICEF, Cisco, HP, GM, Pedigree, Microsoft, Honda and Canon.

An avid music buff and a great exponent of guitar, his passion includes music ranging from rock, blues, jazz. Any number by Sir Eric Clapton, Slash, Blackmore, Santana, Joe Satriani, Vie and Stevie Ray Vaughan transcends his senses to an altogether different level.

His  debut novel, Flight of the Hilsa is sponsored by Copal Art and Bloomberg UTV and has gone to become National Bestseller within 3 months of its release.

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