July 03, 2012


This contest has ended.

Participate in the mega contest and you stand a chance to win a copy of The September Revelation.

Title : The September Revelation
Author : Kaniza Garari

About The Book:
Marriages are an important element of the society. And when a young girl like Zainab Gandhi avoided marriage it raised innumerable questions. Her concerned family tried to prove the seriousness of matrimony by issuing an ultimatum. This now, linked her sister’s happiness to her will to settle.

Caught in a trap, she agreed with their proposition to meet prospective grooms but hit straight into her past. Kutubuddin Kagazwala turned out to be her lover’s best friend. Frightened, she took shield in another prospect, Ibrahim Merchant to later learn that he was Kutub’s first cousin.

Cornered, she works desperately towards hiding her disgraceful past and save the honour of her family. Does she succeed in her attempts?

To find out, read The September Revelation which unfolds a heart wrenching saga of a young girl who grapples with her past to look forward to a clean future! 

About The Author:
Kaniza Yusuf Garari, worked as a journalist for 12 years. In this span of time, she was associated with The Asian Age, Bombay Times and Hyderabad Times of The Times of India group. 

The September Revelation (TSR) – Quiz

TSR by Kaniza Garari is a fiction book.

Visit the book website, go to the EXCERPT section and answer three simple questions given below
If you are lucky A FREE BOOK will come your way.

Q1 What engrossed the women of Mohammed Manzil every morning?
A.Zainab Gandhi’s marriage
B.Community news
C.Traffic woes

Q2 Why was Batul distressed?
A.Old and feeble with no one to take care of her
B.Failed to get Zainab a good groom
C.Maid had ditched the last minute

Q3 Why was Kutub unhappy? 
A.He had no job
B.He had no time for holiday
C.Zainab bluntly refused him

To answer each question please put the complete answer. Writing just A,B or C will not be entertained. 

Answer all three questions above via email to & with subject TSR QUIZ and the following details :-
-Full Name 
-Contact Number 
-Complete postal address with Pin Code, City and State.

For those who want more details about the book mail to the author or check out the other sections of the website.

(Conditions of Leadstart Publishers apply) 

Hurry up with your response because we will close the contest once the desired number of participants email us. Get cracking

PS - We are giving away upto 50 copies of this book, don't miss this wonderful opportunity


This contest has ended. The publishers have selected the winners and Author Kaniza Garari has sent an email to all winners.

Winners names:

  1. Priyanka Dey
  2. Abhishek Jain
  3. Archana Gaikwad
  4. Rahul Kamal
  5. Veda Kashyap
  6. Aquib Qazi
  7. Saurabh Jain
  8. Anushree Kejriwal
  9. Romil Doshi
  10. Bethika Rastogi
  11. Mohammed Zeehan
  12. Aradhya Goel
  13. Neepamoni Saikia
  14. Vipin Bansal
  15. Nidhi Thakur
  16. Rajalakshmi Ranganathan
  17. Ashwini Kumar Sharma
  18. Dipti Choudhary
  19. Vishwajeet Singh
  20. Debashish Mohapatra
  21. Shivani Tannu
  22. Bhaskar Maji
  23. Pranav Dixit
  24. Kalyan Panja
  25. Khushboo Sinha
The winners have been chosen by the publisher. If you haven't won then fret not because we are coming up with two more contests during August.
Thank you for participating.

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