March 15, 2012


We recently interviewed published author Aporv Kala
Aporv has done his schooling from St.George’s College Mussoorie, followed by a Diploma in Management. It was in the year 1998, that he decided to seriously pursue his quest for knowledge and so he came to Dehra Dun from Delhi and camped at Doonga House, a sprawling litchi garden, where he still lives and undertakes teaching, learning and writing. He says "In the true sense of the word I am my own university, my own book."

Tell us something about the book.
Ans: As the name of the book goes…, it is all about these and no more. It is in real time and a part of our present history. The kumbh here is not just an event, but, depicts a womb, coming together of humanity and the philosophies, as well as ancient nature of our culture; in that order. It is a story of three people who cross each other’s path and live their lives.

How did this book happen and why did you choose to write about it?
As for the first part of your question, the book happened one fine day; the day my friend suggested that I write about everything that I feel for. As for the second part of your question; this book is written primarily as a celebration of life, despite its little foibles. Also, I wanted to explore how the mind transcendence the existence or is it the soul which is for real. I wanted to further examine how the country is changing with the impending capitalism and globalism. Lastly I feel that this book is all about peace…within and peace without. It is activism, too, not just writings.

When did you take up writing?
Ans: One year back.

When do you usually write? What is your favorite setting to write? 
Ans: I write after I had gone through my yoga regimen; it is around ten am in the morning. I write sitting on the roof of my house, with the hills of Mussoorie smiling far across the horizon.

Did the story come to you easily or you find yourself stuck with writer’s block?
Ans: It came naturally. As for writer’s block; what is that!

Tell us about your online and the sites you maintain.
Ans: I have my website:; under which I invite people to share their experiences as regard to knowledge. Then I am member of Skillpages. I have a page in Then of course the mandatory facebook and linkendin sites.  

What are your thoughts on life-the one thing that it takes to live it?
Ans: I have written extensively about it in my book, I think the first time someone has written so deeply about it. Life is relative; hence there can never be that one thing which makes living a possibility. It is a miasma of all; the world, soul, relations, emotions and philosophies…live to live, one has to, I suppose. 

How has been your experience in the literary world up till now? Any highs or lows?
Ans: It has been really nice; new voices are coming up, I got Mr. Bose as an encouraging publisher at Srishti and people like you, who form that necessary bridge between the reader and a writer. 

Tell us something about your hobbies and work?
Ans: I love to travel in the hills; cook and to write.. I like guiding people to lead a holistic life.    

So how did it feel when you finally finished writing the book?
Ans: A sense of relief, I suppose!!! But I am back to my writing desk, completing the flow of thoughts that had started with

Top three all time books.
Ans: 1: Life..Love..Kumbh.- Aporva kala
      2: Geeta Bhagvad.
3: My Experiments with Truth-M.K.Gandhi.
It may look a bit narcissist but, be assured and I am not exaggerating; whenever I need to know something or I feel low, I go back to my own book!

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