January 08, 2012


Title : Why Did I Fall in Love
Author : Vinod Pardhi
Publisher: Power Publishers (2011)

About The Book:
Why Did I Fall In Love? by Vinod Pardhi revolves around the enigma that reasons with the necessity for love. The question grows into prominence only when love goes unrequited, unnoticed and misjudged by situations.

Vinod Pardhi - asks a rhetoric question - a fateful query that few can answer perhaps. The question is powerful, drawing you to the deepest corners of a maze, where the walls look alike and where surviving is suffocating, escaping is never an option - perhaps cutting of the link with Divine providence is the last resort. Yet alas, destiny has other plans. Unless Life finds a new meaning, the magic wand continues to play havoc with your stars and provides you with a living angelic apparition - an object of adoration. Living through triumphs and failures, making promises under the mistletoe - all the rosy dreams of togetherness, stumbles over the final word of authority.

Vinod Pardhi's Why Did I Fall In Love narrates a love saga. Epical in its delineation of plot, he begins with the essential meeting, the growing of likeliness, the vows being whispered as the years roll and the bond strengthens. No matter, how the years treat them, love makes them stronger in finding their aspirations. The union of hearts and the connection of mind are possible- but fail to survive the tirades of society. It is the differentiation in the glaring social eyes that creates the issuing troubles in relationship. And therefore Shewta and Vinod could never claim their own realm. Refused under the pressure of social boundaries, survival would and did seem bleak and undesirable. Yet- forgiving is the ultimate way to forget what once had become a natural life line.

Why Did I fall In Love published by Power Publishers, is Dickensian- the expectation less fulfilled is actually the emotion poured out to the very last drop of euphoric elixir. Coming from a young mind, the word sacrifice brings out the truth of the hard way of survival. You don t live life according to your wish; you seem become a part of the herd that is controlled by the desires of others. It is painful yet designated role-play. 

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About The Author:
Vinod is from Nagpur where he is  working with an IT company. He loves to write poetry in Marathi and Hindi. For him, reading novels has become more than habit now. He is a true connoisseur of movies and music.

Before becoming a published author, he has written for some newspaper columns and magazines. He loves to write about real life incidences. All his articles, novel and coming novels will be based on real incidences.

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  1. Found your blog through blogadda

    This book sounds interesting but I hope it doesnt turn out to be usual story

    Would anyways give it s try because of dickensian mention

    Looking forward to more reviews