January 11, 2012

Contest - Win free copies of the novel- Dating, Diapers & Denial by Rachna Singh

Win free copies of the newly launched novel-  Dating, Diapers & Denial written by Rachna Singh

Title : Dating, Diapers and Denial
Author : Rachna Singh
Publisher: Alchemy Publishers  (2011)

About The Book:
‘Dating, Diapers and Denial’ is a novel with a comical view of life from a woman’s perspective – of those years that race past from the age of twenty through to forty. It traverses milestones related to meeting, falling in love, marriage, babies, and growing old.  In her debut novel, Rachna Singh is on course to make you smile, chuckle and say,  ‘That’s so true!’  ‘Dating, Diapers, and Denial’ is a novel you’d want to read over and over again, to double up at the funny anecdotal passages and the witty observations. Tongue-in-cheek, with self-aimed pot shots, the innuendoes are clever, and witty. The book moves at a brisk pace, with story-telling that enthrals. As the humour tickles the readers, the sense of ‘relating’ to the instances keeps them riveted to the book.

About The Author:
Rachna Singh writes for the love of capturing those funny blurbs that pop out of her head all day into stories that enthral. A Masters in Psychology, Rachna has worked in the corporate space for over 15 years, and now, works as a consultant, balancing family, and her writing along with her work. With Dating, Diapers and Denial she promises to be among India’s best humour writers. Rachna hails from Allahabad, and has now settled in Bangalore, with her family. She can be reached at



We are giving away free copies of this novel.

If you want to win one, then all you have to do is, share your most funny moments/story/incident with us. Yep, that's all. 

Post your entry by writing on our facebook wall. (should be related to dating, relationships, family or the book above)

A person can post up to 5 entries. 
Be creative, Be funny. Be original
Make us laugh and we will reward you with a book which is a bigger laugh riot.

One particular entry shouldn't be more than 400 words. You may use a photograph/video in your post.
Tag the person with whom you shared that funny moment to increase your chances of winning

Sounds easy? Good luck.
Contest begins today and ends 20th January (Friday)
Get cracking. Start posting


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