September 21, 2012


We recently interviewed published author Ajay Kar

Short Bio :

Ajay Shankar Kar is a doctor with a passion for writing.

Way Back in Love
is his debut novel.

Dr. Kar is an ophthalmologist from CMC Vellore. He lives in Hyderabad and practices as a fellow in the cornea department at Apollo Hospital.

- How did this book happen and why did you choose to write about it?
I am not a writer, I am a story teller. This world is a race planet. Each and every one of us is running after success. I was one amongst them. In this long run, I had lost many things from friends to relatives, from happiness to peace. It took me many years to realize that you are not successful when you lose everything to achieve something. When I knew the limits of my abilities, I gave a break in the form of a book. I wanted my readers to look into themselves through my eyes and realize where they stand now.

- When did you take to writing?
I am a voracious reader from my school days. I started writing short stories and poems in college magazine after joining MBBS. My stories used to run in boys' hostel and were a rage in girls' hostel. My readers would always ask me about my next endeavor. It is my best friend who believed in my writing more than me and asked me to write a novel. I wasn't sure whether I will stand as an author, writer or a story teller but his confidence in me obliged me to finish my first novel. He still believes I am a better writer than many of the famous authors in the present day world. Our friendship has gained strength to strength in last 15 years and his belief has made me an author. The adventures of Sherlock Holes won't be complete without the appraisal of Dr John. H  Watson.

- Where do you usually write? What is your favourite setting to write in?
I usually write when I feel like writing. It’s the best stress buster when you want to express your thoughts to the world. The days are gone when writers used to go to river banks or take holidays and go to some hill station to complete their book. I usually write at midnight when the hullabaloo of my thoughts has amalgamated with the serenity of the peaceful night.

-Did this story  come to you easily or did you find yourself stuck with a writer’s block sometimes?
The first chapter of my novel ‘The other side of the road’ was a short story which every reader known to me liked it so much that they wanted to know what happened next. I was not sure about it as I was comfortable writing short stories than a novel. As recommended by my best friend I started writing my first novel. The main hiccup was the ending which took me months, as I was not sure how to give a different ending. But it feels great when readers send messages and comments saying, they loved the ending. There is a saying, ’If it starts well, then it ends well’. I believe, ’If it ends well then everything is well or else you are in the hell.’

- Tell us about your life online and the sites you maintain
I don’t have much life online. I am usually in my department of ophthalmology offline from 8AM to 6PM.But you can catch me some times on Facebook or Gmail. You can join my group in facebook ,’WAY BACK IN LOVE’ where there are thousands of followers  or mail me at, You are free to ask me not only about my book but any eye related disease, and I will be happy to reply you to the best of my ability and knowledge.

- What are your thoughts on life – The one thing that it takes to live it?
I live for a day to its fullest. It's not worth living if you die for nothing. My main aim in life is to open a charitable multispecialty eye hospital in Western Odisha which can serve the needy free of cost. If God showers his grace, may be some years down the lane I hope to be recognized as an excellent surgeon and a good novelist.

- How has your experience been so far in the literary world? Any highs or lows being a part of this space that you would like to share here?
Literary world is an illusion for me. I don’t have a circle of great authors and writers. I am more with my patients and their pathos. I got to know few of the Indian writers through facebook. Most of them are engineers and MBAs making a mark in the world of writing. I am not sure whether I am in the rat race to make a mark in writing nor do I want to become a full time writer. I am happy with the job what I am doing. Writing is my passion and hobby. I am not writing for any name of fame. It’s just the expression of my thoughts which is taking the shape of a book.

- Tell us something about your work & hobbies?
At present I am doing my fellowship in cornea at Apollo hospital, Hyderabad. Soon, I will  shift to Visakhapatnam, and join as a Cornea consultant at Sankar Eye Foundation. It always feels good  to work in a referral center dealing with difficult cases. With God’s grace I hope to fulfill the expectations of my patients and bring smile on their faces.
I love reading, writing, travelling. I love watching movies, listening songs and eating delicious food. To sum up, I am just a normal human being.

- So how did it feel when you finally finished writing the book?
In one word if you ask, ’SATISFIED’. I didn’t have much time to think and ponder over it as I have other things to do. Writing is a desert for me after a good meal.

- Top 3 All-time favourite books .
Fountain head by Ayn Rand
The Prophet by Khalil Gibran
Swami and his friends by R K Narayan

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